Dressing for travel can be difficult. You want to be comfortable – especially on a long flight with cramped legroom, but you also want to look stylish and put-together once you reach your destination. You also might have to take wildly changing temperatures into account. That being said, sweatpants and a hoodie may not always work.

No worries, though. There are building blocks to the right plane outfit, and once you have some version of them selected, it’s all a matter of personal style: Here are five items we like to travel with to keep ourselves feeling comfortable and looking stylish –

1. Leggings 

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Leggings (or jeggings!) are comfortable enough for the plane and stylish enough for the street. Sleek, and well-made black leggings, in particular, are the perfect backdrop for styling. Jeggins, on the other hand, provide the illusion of denim without any discomfort!

2. Tee 

Never underestimate the power of a well-made tee shirt. A simple cotton tee is great for travel since it’s lightweight and can be dressed up with a cute pair of heels and statement jacket (look below). Here you can see actress and dancer, Zoe Saldana looking fabulous in a solid white tee, leather jacket, and cropped denim jean. Try a similar look with a solid color v-neck or a striped tee to add a little more color to your outfit. 

3. Jacket 

We like denim jackets, bombers, or even a cozy sweater. Having something you can easily take on or off can make or break your experience on a plane. Being stuck in a sweater when it’s too hot or freezing in a tank can make your experience miserable. Plus you can always stow it away or tie it around your waist or shoulders if you want to take it off.

4. Sneakers 

The Dark Denim Bow Sneaker

If you’re thinking sneakers are only made for running than think again! The sneaker trend has really kicked off (pun totally intended), so you have a variety of fun or funky sneaker choices to dress your outfit up or down with. That’s right! You can totally express yourself with sneaker- I’m in love with these denim sneakers. The whimsical bow, dark color, and bright red sole transform them from normal sneaker to statement piece. And they are perfect for travel because you can slide them on and off, making security a breeze. 

5. Tote

 A cute tote bag elevates your look over a backpack or other bulky bag. Look for a lightweight tote with a cute design that reflects your personality- just make sure you choose a durable tote with strong straps. No one wants ripped straps when your rushing to your next flight. These roomy bags will allow you to store your jacket, phone charger, book, and iPad, while its’ large mouth allows easy access in cramped spaces. 

6. Scarf

A cute, lightweight scarf is not a must-have but is a great option for travel. Spread it over your legs if you get cold, tie it around your neck for a fashion statement, or even use it as a hair-tie in a pinch. It doesn’t take up much room in your bag and is so multifunctional. 

Traveling can be stressful enough, but dressing for it doesn’t have to be. Using this list as a template, you’ll find that perfect look. Plus, you travel outfit is so easy to achieve, and once you nail it – you can repeat it! 

Did we miss anything? Join us on  Instagram and share your own traveling style with us. Just as we hope to inspire you, you are always inspiring us!

Happy travels!

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