Age is just a number, and we truly believe that. But, no matter what stage of life you’re in, you probably take age into consideration when dressing to show your level of maturity. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to reach for the tunics and capris- unless you want to that is. After all, dressing your age is about grace and creativity, not conformity.

As we get older, we tend to become more comfortable in our own skins and less afraid to buck trends. You’ve had time to develop your personal style and know exactly what you like and don’t like. Problem is, that mindset makes it easier to get stuck in a fashion rut. Some go overboard and try to “dress their age” and hide their beautiful body shapes with bulky, matronly clothing. On the flip side, others cling to the past by continuing to dress as they did in their twenties.

Now is the time to explore and grow your personal style! Embrace your age. Embrace yourself! To help you do so, we’ve made a comprehensive list of questions that will help you discover pieces that will work to fit your current lifestyle. So, how do you know if you’re dressing appropriately for your age?

Consider the following questions:

1. Where will I wear this?

Odds are you have some amazing articles of clothing sitting in your Amazon wishlist, but as we get older it becomes more important to ask this question. Maybe, you’re starting a new career after successfully tackling your last one. When deciding what to purchase something, envision yourself wearing it in the office or at a lunch meeting. Perhaps you’re a middle-aged parent hoping to elevate your style with an expensive, fancy piece of clothing. Try to imagine scenarios where you could wear it and if you can see yourself wearing it more than once. If you’re prepping for retirement, consider where you’ll be heading or what you’ll be doing in your off time. Will you be traveling? Spending more time outdoors? Or maybe you volunteer? Either way, make sure you think about where you’ll wear something before you buy it. 

The Stripe Halter-Top Jumpsuit

2. How much skin will I show?

Be mindful of how much skin you’re deciding to show. It’s really about balance here. If you decide to show some chest, consider a knee-length skirt or pant. The opposite can be said for showing off your legs as well. Considering your hem, neckline, and fit of the item you want to buy will make styling it much easier in the future. Don’t feel like you need to completely cover up. After all, when you are secure with your body, you can really wear anything. But most adults understand that quality and fit outweigh flashing a lot of skin. After all, taste still comes into play with fashion, and taste is most often an evolution, hard-won by time.

3. Do I already own this?

As you get older, chances are, your closet gets bigger. (Unless you’re Queen of the Kondo, in which case, high-five!). Now is the time to evolve your personal style; if you’ve spent your money right your wardrobe is already well-stocked. So, we now must ask- Do I already own this? You already have that perfect pair of denim pants (although, if not- do yourself a favor and check out these denim trousers) so maybe it’s time to branch out and get that bold-patterned jumpsuit. This striped halter top jumpsuit, for example, could become your new statement piece. It elongates your legs, cinches at the middle to provide shape, and displays just the right amount of skin. It even looks cute with a jacket! As you age, remember that your style doesn’t have to become more narrow. Branch out – because, well, you can.

4. What are your best features?

As you age, you get a better feel for what looks good on your body. This isn’t about hiding the features you don’t love, either. It’s about embracing and accentuating the parts of you do. It could be your nice thighs, the arch of your foot, your waist, your collarbone. Over time, you may feel the need to cover certain parts of your body – but that doesn’t mean you have to cover everywhere. A great cutout can make you feel sexy without revealing too much, or a well-placed slit can be welcome, even if you don’t want to show as much skin as you used to.


The best advice for dressing your age, however, is to have fun. The older you get, the less you learn the rules and the more you realize that there are no rules. The way you dress is an expression of who you are, not what the current trends are. So continue your lifelong treasure hunt for the items you really love. Your heart will never lead you astray.

If you need any extra help, connect with one of our amazing stylists! Online shopping doesn’t have to be lonely or confusing. We’re here to help you feel our best. 

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