Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Dorothy Dandridge all reflected gorgeous classic fashion style decades ago. Today’s modern classic stars have followed suit in keeping clean lines, traditional fabrics, and colors and ultra femininity in creating their enviable ensembles.

Celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kerry Washington, Kate Middleton, and Amal Clooney are just four who always wow both on and off the red carpet and never appear in anything gauche, over the top or wildly trendy.

Classic style might be playing it safe, but when done perfectly, it exudes a sense of high glamour, sophistication, and luxury.

Some pieces might cost a lot, but there are ways to achieve a chic classic style by investing in a few key pieces and blending them with your current wardrobe.

Starting With Essential White Blouse

If you’re confused about which way to begin, consider the versatility of the white top or white blouse. This single item screams polished and clean and is the foundation of multiple classic ensembles.

The Duchess of Cambridge understands the regal power of the white blouse when she appears in public. Kate Middleton never disappoints and makes dressing strong and traditional look easy with personal flair in between.

Proper Pumps, Blazer And A Bag

In radiating a head-turning classic fashion sense these three pieces will also put you at the head of the class. A beautiful, high-end leather bag can never do any woman wrong. Add a pair of stylish pumps and a blazer with flattering lines, and you come up with Amal Clooney.

The new mom to twins has always stepped out the door and nailed each look with ease. Her clothing, shoes, and accessories are both modern and timeless. Croc-embossed pumps, a D & G bag with splendid structure and a pinstriped suit take it to the nth degree of richness and confidence.

Jewelry That Is Minimal And Matters

A woman with classic style appeal does not try hard to wow her audience. Instead, she sticks with the fashion elements that tie her look together and quietly make her presence known. A strand or two or three of pearls, a lovely gold or silver tennis bracelet, and diamond studs are just a few examples of delicate and elegant jewelry for the sophisticated woman.

Nothing is too loud or adorned in multiple layers. The classic jewelry pieces are minimal, delicate and just enough. Model Gisele Bundchen is the master of simple, smart jewelry because it never competes with how she looks. It’s there to enhance but never to overload.

Your timepiece is another essential to take note of. A double-strap watch is all about the classic look that never fades away. Of course, a Rolex is the ideal pièce de résistance if your fashion budget allows. The proper pieces of jewelry might cost a bit more, but think of it this way. It’s a wearable investment.

When you’re dressing to impress and striving for uber polish and the look of wealth and refinement, classic style will never disappoint. It continues to stand the test of time.

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