Winter is here! The temperatures have dropped, the air is noticeable frosty, and you have to bundle up to leave the house. As beautiful as this season is, it can cause some major dry skin.

Nobody enjoys dry skin and nobody deserves it! First of all, it isn’t pretty. On top of that, it itches, burns, and can even bleed! That’s why we’ve decided to focus on two areas that seem to cause the most trouble during the winter- hands and lips. 


Time for Smooth Lips

There’s nothing worse than chapped lips, the inescapable urge to lick them, and the consequential redness that follows if you do. But, you don’t suffer through it! Just follow these tips and tricks for smooth lips.

Don’t Pick and Don’t Lick

Okay. I know I just mentioned that licking your chapped lips feels like second nature but you cannot give in to the temptation! Neil Sadick, MD, explains “Saliva contains enzymes that dry out and irritate the skin of the lips” (Mann, “Dry Lips? Blame These 10 Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making”)

Find the Right Chap Stick or Skip It All Together

There seems to be a big debate on whether or not chapstick is good for your lips or can cause an unhealthy cycle of dependence. That’s why I suggest using a natural alternative like coconut oil. Using this substitute will limit any possibility that chemicals or parabens interfere with your soft lips.


It seems so simple, but life is hectic and sometimes we forget to fulfill our basic needs- like drinking water and staying hydrated! Here is your reminder to drink as much water throughout the day. It will help your dry, cracked lips get back to their soft selves.


Helping Your Hands

Is there anything worse than painful, cracked hands? Well… of course there are, but that doesn’t mean dry hands aren’t up there! No worries, though! We’ve got you covered.

Wear Gloves

Keep your hands bundled against the cold. Instead of braving the cold wind and snow, get yourself a few pairs of gloves (who hasn’t lost a glove here and there? It’s better to have backups!). Make sure the thickest pair is kept in the car. Not only will you always have them on hand, but ice scraping and snow removal won’t be as painful.

Use the Right Lotion

Fragrant lotions might seem appealing, but you run the risk of being sensitive or allergic to the chemicals that produce the scent. Instead, find a fragrance free lotion! Many suggest Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. Made from “avocado, sesame, and avocado oil”, most users swear by it. No matter what lotion you go for, try to avoid over washing your hands and apply lotion at least twice a day. 

Use an Antibiotic Cream

If you develop severe dry skin on your hands, you may notice that your skins cracks everytime you move your hands. While annoying, these types of injuries can be overlooked and are often left untreated. Keep in mind- a cut is a cut! Use antibiotic cream to remove some puffiness while keeping it infection free.

After working through the worst of your dry skin, give yourself a gentle sugar rub to remove dead, dull skin. It’ll even moisturize for you. Just mix sugar and coconut oil and go.

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