To tuck or not to tuck in your clothing? We used to have a pretty strict idea of what constituted professional attire. Wear a nice pair of pants or a skirt and tuck in your shirt! But the world is ever-changing. Shirt tucking is no longer just for the serious or even required in the office!

So, how do you know when to tuck? Don’t think of tucking as a way to look professional. Instead, think of it as a tool for creating shape that can be used for at any time!

1.The Smooth Tuck

The smooth tuck makes me think of the office. Something about the smooth, crisp lines of the shirt tucked into a nice pair of trousers feels professional. Feel free to wear this tuck at any time but be prepared to feel like the boss lady that you are.

  1. Put your shirt on.
    1. Button if necessary.
  2. Smooth shirt down.
  3. Pull pants or skirt up over the shirt.
  4. Adjust!

If the shirt doesn’t want to sit right (let’s face it, we’ve all been there), try folding the corners of your shirt back before sliding your pants or skirt over top.

2. The Front Tuck

The front tuck happens to be my favorite. As a tall woman with large hips, I find that this method of tucking emphasizes my hourglass shape, slims my waist, and creates a nice line of flow down my body.

  1. Put your pants on.
  2. Grab the front of your shirt and gather it (slightly) in the middle.
  3. Tuck the front gather and adjust.

3. The Billowy Tuck

The billowy tuck is a simple, cute way to add volume and contrast to your look. This method doesn’t focus on smoothing your clothes out and creating a streamline effect. I find this looks best with cardigans.

  1. Put your shirt on.
  2. Instead of smoothing it down, allow it to get pushed up a bit while you put your pants on.
  3. You may have to adjust this tuck more than the others. It doesn’t always fall perfectly but the end product allows the overflow of the shirt to fold over itself.

4. The Side Tuck

This is a great choice for long shirts that border on being a dress. I love long shirts but I hate feeling like my body disappeared underneath me. Plus, my pants are super cute and I want to show them off! That’s where the side tuck come into play.

  1. Put your shirt on.
  2. Gather slightly left or right of the middle of the shit.
  3. Put your pants on, tucking the side that you have gathered.
  4. Adjust!

I tuck in my shirt, in some capacity, almost every day and I’m always trying out new ways to do it. Some work and some don’t! It really depends on the fabric and structure of the shirt. So, if a specific style of tuck isn’t working for you, try it with a different top and don’t get discouraged.

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