If you’re above 5’8’’ you have probably experienced difficulty finding pieces that account for your length. At 5’ 10’’, I’ve had my fair share of fashion disappointments; jeans either go to my ankles or fit around my waist, rompers give me wedgies, and many dresses have been passed on for looking more like a shirt than a dress.

Luckily, I love being tall and have chosen to own it. Instead of being frustrated, I try to try to treat each shopping trip as a treasure hunt. With a little bit of searching and a few basic guidelines, you’ll be adding to your wardrobe in no time.


First off, you can wear whatever length you desire. Midis, maxis, minis, ect… are all open to you. The issue is not whether you should or should not wear a certain length but in finding a dress in your desired length.

For me, finding knee-length dresses is a challenge, as most only go to the top of my thighs. My workaround? I’ll find a long dress that fits perfectly in my bust and hips (long dresses tend to be more tea length on me), cut, and hem the dress to the desired length. It’s a lot simpler and quicker  it sounds. Check out free sewing tutorials on YouTube to get started!

If I’m searching for a longer dress, I always check the hem before purchasing. Many dresses can be let out at the bottom and end up  your desired length.


If you have long legs, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Skinny jeans look amazing on you. If they don’t come all the way down to your ankle, incorporate your socks. Find ones that compliment your outfit and instead of hiding them, pull them up over your ankles and fold them. It’ll look stylish and make sure your pants look long enough. 

Don’t be afraid to wear loud prints on your pants, either. As tempting as it is to choose neutral colors and blend in (especially if the pants don’t fit perfectly), embrace you


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Each and every clothing company has a unique way of creating and sizing their pieces. For this reason, a romper or jumpsuit is particularly hard to eyeball. So, when it comes to rompers try them on or (if ordering online) make sure the company allows for returns. It’s really the best way to make sure you’re getting your monies worth. 

Heels or Flats?

Whichever work best for you! Women everywhere are embracing their height and their style throwing the “ Tall girls can’t wear heels” rule right out the window. 

Just about all hard and fast fashion rules are meant to be broken so don’t be afraid to experiment! As long as you feel good you’ll look good too.




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