Spring is (finally) in the air! Now it’s time to start stocking up on the spring essentials that will keep you trendy and dry.

Rain Jacket

Every year I forget I need a new rain jacket until the first April shower arrives. Trust me your bulky winter jacket might do the trick for a while but you’ll quickly overheat. Instead, try a light rain jacket large enough to accommodate a sweater.

Ear Muff Warmers  

Spring mornings are notoriously chilly; often cold enough for frost to form. That doesn’t mean you want to bust out your winter hat for an hour.  Hello, frizzy hair! Instead, grab a pair of ear muffs. The headband hardly touches your hair and the fluff balls keep your ears toasty.

Chic Umbrella

Don’t settle for a boring umbrella. Cute ones cost about the same and show off your individual flair. I’m in love with the clear, patterned bucket umbrellas. My favorite being the SMATI umbrella, available on Amazon. The birdcage dome keeps more rain off and they offer an array of patterns from abstract to floral.

Long Sleeve Dress

It’s just not warm enough for cute, summer dresses. Save yourself the trouble of layering and find a light, long sleeve dress. If it’s extra cold out, wear thigh high boots. It’s a chic way to hide a pair of long, warm socks underneath.


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Skip the khaki! Opt for floral or geometrical patterns and stand out from the crowd. Pair with complimentary colored flats and a dress shirt for the perfect outfit look.

Rain Boots

Thankfully, rain boots are in! Just about every brand offers a unique version of the classic rain boot. Don’t let a rainy, muddy morning defeat you! Just make sure you have a waterproof bag in the car and a change of shoes more appropriate for work.

Water Resistant Flats

You might be thinking- you just get rain boots, why do I need water resistant flats?! Well, they look like a nice pair of heels you’d wear to the office! Try a pair of Blondo’s and see for yourself.

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