Have you ever been afraid to mix prints because fashion gurus have told you that it was frowned upon? While it seems like a fashion taboo, mixing prints is actually a surefire way to make you stand out from the crowd. If you are eccentric and like to put together polished, unique looks, mixing prints helps you achieve this goal. Whether you are mixing an animal print blouse and a patterned skirt, or an abstract printed dress and a plaid overcoat, endless options are available once you master the perfect pairing techniques.

Choose Your Main Attraction

The first step toward mixing prints successfully is selecting one piece to function as the main attraction in your outfit. If you absolutely love the leopard print skirt you recently purchased, choose this item as your standout of the day. Once you have selected the main print you want to use, choose an accent print to compliment the standout item. Use a similar pattern or pull from the color palette of your main item to select a blouse and jacket to pair with the skirt. A dotted black blouse plays to the pattern and color palette of the leopard print skirt without drawing attention away from your standout piece.

In cooler months, choose a jacket that compliments both your standout piece and your accenting items. Go for a jacket with a brown tweed pattern to adhere to the color palette you have already created with your skirt and blouse. If you have a leopard print jacket in a different color, add this piece to your ensemble for an even more unique look. The two different color leopard prints compliment one another without being overpowering.



By breaking up the placement of the prints, you prevent clashing and present a one-of-a-kind look.

Break It Up

An easy way to mix prints successfully is to break up the two printed items so they are not laying on top of one another. If you have a pinstripe blazer, wear this over a dress with a pattern along the hemline. Since the print on the blazer is physically removed from the print adorning the bottom of the dress, it creates balance in your overall look. Similarly, if you want to wear a printed blouse, choose a neutral trouser and accompany that with a printed shoe. By breaking up the placement of the prints, you prevent clashing and present a one-of-a-kind look.

Another way to achieve this goal is to break up the prints with a chunky belt. Select a floral printed blouse and a neutral striped skirt, then place the belt along your waist to create definition and separation between patterns. Choose a belt that compliments both the blouse print and the bottom print to ensure cohesion in your outfit. If you want to be a bit more daring, select a textured belt to add an extra dimension to your unique style. If you are not much of a belt person, try tying one of your favorite sweaters around your waist to achieve the same effect.


Whether you are looking for ways to mix patterns every day or for set occasions, these tips will help you steer clear of major fashion faux pas. When you exercise your individuality, you become more confident and self-assured in who you are and in what you wear. Never be afraid to rock a striped shirt and polka dot pants!

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