4 Must-Have Staples for Every Minimalist Wardrobe


We love what they buy but hate more than half of what is in our closet. Our wardrobes are always chaotic and overflowing yet we feel like we don’t own enough clothes. The closet is bursting with clothes and we are standing in front of open doors in PJs and crying why don’t I have anything to wear!

The issue is not the number of clothes but rather the type of clothing. Your closet will be full but you won’t have many staple items in it. 20% of the clothes in our closet can make 80% of your clothes. It means if you put an effort in buying this 20% of versatile and basic items your laundry will be easier and your mornings will be stress-free.

Staples vs. Trendy

It is not what you wear but how you wear it. You spend hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe for being trendy and then finish pairing a top dress with the wrong pair of shoe. Wham! You have yourself a fashion disaster.

Learn how to shop in a more educated way. Do not spend tons of money on trendy items that you will hardly wear twice or even thrice in the fashion season. To keep your wardrobe up-to-date, save on trendy clothes and spend on stylish staples.

Here, we have gathered the 4 wardrobe essentials for every fashion-forward minimalist.

The Little Black Dress

Sexy yet sophisticated, the little black dress must be chic and fit like a glove. This dress should hide your flaws and highlight your traits. LBD is perfect for almost any occasion. It can go from day to night. The right accessory is a must, whether a string of pearls with a blazer for daytime or heels with makeup and cardigan for evenings.

Neutral toned Blazer or Jacket

Wearing a blazer or jacket is a graceful way of promoting almost anything in your wardrobe. You can change your look just by accessorizing differently according to the occasion. It is a timeless piece which can cross generations. You don’t have to wear a boring blazer or jacket, always jazz it up with a brooch or tag.

Black Pants


When you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt, a pair of black pants is the best versatile option. It is a master of multitasking. You can wear them with just about anything in your closet. Buy a high-quality and flat-front pants, black leather tights or skinny black trouser from www.YourBestFashionFinds.com and complete your minimalist essentials list.

The Perfect Bag

Bags are the little lovable things in our closets that are cute and take up a little room. Buy two perfect bags for day and night and it will be enough. They are an essential accessory for women. Go for black color so that it can be both fashionable and functional.

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