Leggings are every girl’s best friend. Need to work out? Grab a pair of leggings. Having a night on the town? Throw your leggings on. Just hanging out on the couch? Leggings, please!

But, what about when you have to go to work? We’re here to tell you that, yes, with the right styling, leggings fit right in at the office. Here are 4 ways to integrate your favorite pair of pants into your business attire.

1. Leggings are the new tights. Seriously, they’re warmer and you don’t have to carefully shimmy in and out of them to avoid rips and runs. Make sure you have a few neutrally colored or black pairs handy to wear under your skirts and dresses. If you’re worried about sock lines try stirrup leggings. The stirrup will cover your ankle and hide your socks in the process! You can even layer knee or thigh high socks overtop the leggings!

2. That being said, don’t be afraid to express yourself with boldly patterned leggings. Florals, geometric, or bright colors are a great way to add dimension and personality to your everyday looks. You can keep your look balanced by pairing with simple, single colored tops or dresses.

3. Add a pair of trendy, cut-out leggings to your wardrobe. When choosing, aim for cutouts below the knee. It’ll still add a wow factor to your look without any worries of looking inappropriate. If you find the perfect pair with cutouts or fades any higher just make sure to pair with a longer dress, romper, or skirt. A knee length cardigan also works really well!


4. If your office fluctuates in temperature, is freezing during the summer, or a fiery inferno in the winter consider the Capri legging. All of the same rules apply. They’re just shorter! When choosing a shoe, we suggest a simple flat.

5. Wear them under your pants for an extra layer of warmth. We suggest a pair of light, fuzzy ones! No one will ever know and we won’t tell.

Still not convinced? Reach out to a YBFF stylist! She’ll walk you through the do’s and do not’s of wearing leggings to work and help you find the right outfit in the process. The best part? We’re offering free consultations and a surprise gift with your first stylist-based purchase. Learn more here and get your gift while they last!


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