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Contrary to popular belief, the way to get out of the, “I have nothing to wear” rut is not to buy more clothes. After all, new clothes only feel, well, new for the first couple wears before blending into the back of your closet. Instead of going out and getting something new every time you get bored, focus on the type and quality of your clothing. In fact, all you really need is a closet filled with a few fashion essentials that will work no matter what you do to it. This makes the day-to-day “What do I wear?” decision infinitely easier.

With that said- These are the 5 fashion staples every woman should have in her closet. They can be mixed and matched, worn with nearly anything, and dressed up or down.

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1. The LBD

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s a fashion fact. The little black dress (LBD) isn’t going anywhere. It’s versatile enough to wear to a farmer’s market with some sandals and a denim jacket, but can be dressed up for a cocktail party with the right jewelry and shoes. It’s basically a blank slate for styling, and the right dress is also perfectly fashionable on its own. But not every LBD is created equal. You want something simple enough to accessorize and something appropriate for work or a wedding.

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2. The Perfect White Top

Some might argue that the perfect white top is, in fact, a t-shirt, but we beg to differ. Yes, a great white t-shirt is essential. But the right white top – particularly when it’s a button-down can be even more versatile since you can pair it with dressier pants, skirts and more to make it shine. You can also layer it to give some dimension to your look.

White matches with everything. It’s always fresh, and it lends a flattering tone to every skin color. No doubt about it, white is the new black. Our favorite is Gap’s Relaxed Classic Linen- Blend Shirt. It’s a minimal investment of only $15 with max payout! You can wear this with just about anything. This is a boxed content block. Click the edit button to edit this text.

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3. A Great-Fitting Blazer

Blazers have been in style since the dawn of time. Or at least, since the 50’s.  And there’s a reason why; there’s something so sexy about menswear tailored to a woman’s body. It’s professional, it’s powerful, it’s versatile. The options are limitless: Style it with denim, slacks, a mini skirt, or a fitted dress.

We recommend one in navy, black, or cream for versatility reasons, but we’ve also styled great looks with bright red, bubblegum pink, and even yellow. These are our favorites!

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4.A Pair of Nude Pumps

The formula for long, sleek legs? The perfect nude pump. Wear them with your jeans, your dresses, your skirts – even your shorts. The right cut and fit will make even the shortest legs appear longer. And if you’re not sure about heels, consider nude ballet flats. They’re just as chic, but even more comfortable and can also be dressed up or down.

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5. Dark Denim

Yes, jeans are a true staple. Styles come and go, but the material will never die. Denim is so universally flattering, especially in a dark wash. Acceptable for the office with a blazer and some pumps, perfect for a concert with friends in the right tee, and ideal for a Saturday stroll with the pup, you’ll exude easy, casual vibes everywhere you go. (Bonus: dark washes don’t stain as easily!)

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If you need any help finding the perfect staples for your closet- whether fit or style- have a chat with one of our YBFF Stylists! They’ll help you maintain or find your style and send you clothing as unique as you are. They’re here to help you find the perfect fit and the perfect look, so you can always exchange your item (FOR FREE!) Plus, you’ll get a free gift ( yes, free! No seperate shipping and handling fees here)

We can’t wait to meet you!

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