The 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony was certainly a night to remember. Women took center stage, winning more awards than ever. AND Michele Obama even showed up to wow the crowd with an impassioned speech. The message was clear; music can and should bring us together. So, in this spirit, we’ve decided to celebrate our 5 favorite outfits. Enjoy!

  1. Cardi B



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 Cardi B made a splash at the Grammy’s in a “1995 Thierry Mugler’s couture Oyster gown” (Here’s What We Know About Cardi B’s Arresting Clam-Oyster Dress At The Grammys, HARGROVE). Cardi B is the beautiful pearl popping out of the clamshell or perhaps, the Venus to Sandro Botticelli’s painting, “Birth of Venus”. Either way, we are in love!

2. Kacey Musgraves

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#KACEYMUSGRAVES DID THAT 🤠 Yee (and I cannot emphasize this enough) haw! Congrats @spaceykacey! 💖 #Grammys

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 Kacey Musgraves, a Country music Queen that’s revolutionizing her genre, was adorned in red all throughout the evening. Her ethereal, short “Valentino gown” (Grammys: Breaking Down Kacey Musgraves’ Looks, McKenzie), worn during the acceptance of her Album of the Year and Best Country Album awards was divine. The flouncy, layered sleeves were absolutely to die for.

3.  Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Jada Pink Smith

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 Okay, so we might be cheating just a little here (there might be more than one look here), but this photo truly captures the beauty and magnitude of this evening. These five women truly glowed! Also, thank you, Michele Obama, for bringing sparkly, metallic jumpsuits into the limelight.

4. Ariana Grande

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when @zacposen makes u a custom gown it doesn’t matter if you’re singing or not 🌫 …. thank u 🖤

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 Ariana Grande may not have attended the Grammys but she still made headlines in her silky Zac Posen evening gown… on her floor! She posed glamorously and completed the look with her signature pony-tail, glittering earrings, and a stunning diamond necklace. (Grammy Winner Ariana Grande Skips the Show, Still Rocks a Ball Gown Before Changing Into Sweats, Frey and Runtagh)

5.  Gabriella Wilson  H.E.R.

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 Gabriella Wilson accepted two Grammys- one for best R&B Album and the other for best R&B performance- in an exceptional neon yellow outfit. (Grammy winners 2019: Here’s the full list of who won, Melas). We love how she stood out and congratulate her on her wins!

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