Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean you have to put all your cute summer outfits into storage. In fact, you may find that incorporating your summer style into fall and winter outfits is an amazing way to add originality and flair to your looks. With this in mind, I’ve compiled some great tips that will keep your summer clothes practical in the upcoming seasons. Feel free to mix and match the various tips to create an outfit that is wholly you.

1. Keep Your Summer Dresses Out By Adding Leggings or Tights

Even with temperatures dropping, I refuse to put my favorite dresses, skirts, and flowey tops away. I simply invite a pair of leggings or tights to the party. The right pair of leggings or tights will keep your summer clothes practical for months past the season. It doesn’t hurt that you also have unlimited choices for colors, patterns, and cuts: The variety of style means you will absolutely find a pair that fits your personal style.

I, for one, cannot stop raving about leggings with pockets in them and for nights that are extra chilly, I recommend adding The North Face Women’s Warm Tights. At only $50 a pair, these high-quality tights are breathable and offer protection against the elements.  

2. Add a Stylish Shrug

The shrug should be considered the cardigans’ cousin- The shape and fabric are generally similar in both garments, however, a shrug is looser than a cardigan but more fitted than a shawl (“Shrug: Clothing”, 2018.). I find that this item of clothing is highly versatile and can be worn with your favorite summer shirts and dresses. It will also pair perfectly with leggings and adds a layer of comfort and intrigue if worn over top of a dress.

This stylish Aztec Patterned Shrug is one of my favorites this season and would look divine over top a neutrally colored, short sleeve dress. Add a pair of booties and you are ready to go.


3. Who Says You Can’t Wear Socks with Open Toed Heels?

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If you’re scratching your head and wondering how those two items work together- you’re not alone! Nicole Akhtarzad of Who What Wore, highlights how surprised the fashion community was at this trend is in her piece “The Polarizing Shoe Trend That Dominated Fashion Month”. Surprising is good though so I embrace this unique trend whole-heatedly! Plus, I hate to put my summer heels away.

The key here is investing in a pair of quality socks that will hold its form throughout the day. You definitely don’t want to try this look with a pair of old, stretched out socks. That said, you do want to go sock shopping. Pay attention to what socks interest you: This will help determine how to style your entire outfit.

Say you find a lovely monotone or quarter length socks- you could pair them with a dark-colored, chunky high heel with thick straps to send out nineties vibes. Maybe you’re attracted to bright, patterned socks- Embrace it with an equally bright complementary color! My favorite combination is sheer, lacy socks with a vintage or retro-inspired open toed heel. 

4. Invest in High Waist Pant

High waist pants are a girl’s best friend in the fall- They provide a very complimentary shape with your top tucked into it and easily transitions between day and night. This is why you don’t want to put away all your favorite tank tops and short sleeved shirts. Tucked into a high waist pant, your summer shirts will really pop. This combination will also help you maintain your shape when it’s time to add jackets to your look.

If you don’t have the room to keep all your summer shirts out, choose ones with colors that can be accented with the more traditional fall ones. For example- deep greens, dark blues, and purples look superb with dark oranges, browns, and yellows. Choosing your high waist pant in one of these colors to help ease the transition of summer to fall. How amazing would this striped, satin pant look with a lacy, cream top tucked in?   

Now go out there and create your own outfit that blends summer with fall. We’d love to see what unique combinations you come up with (who knows, it might just be the new fall trend), so visit us one Instagram @yourbestfashionfinds and inspire us.


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