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Fashion Styles

Winter Athleisure-Wear 101

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Athleisure wear was originally created for working out or for activities that require movement. These items are created durable, fast drying, and form fitting so you can move and groove without fear of tearing or being soaked. Athleisure wear has become a huge trend in America and around the world! It seems like people can’t get enough of these comfortable clothing options that are made well and look cute.

And we agree! Whether wearing an entire outfit made from athletic wear or using it to accent your work look, you can’t go wrong with a few key pieces of athleisurewear this winter.

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If there is one item of athletic wear that you cannot live without. And that is the mighty legging. Wear them as pants with a tee or dress them up with a dress or skirt. The uses of leggings are endless but come in especially handy during the colder months.

Now, it might be tempting to hit up your local mall and grab a pair of $10 leggings. Here’s the thing- they are made from cheap materials and are almost always (at least in my experience) see-through. That’s why I recommend going for a pair that is a bit more expensive. But, how many wears you’ll get from those mall leggings before they rip and you need to get another?

Instead, try an environmentally friendly pair of leggings like PACT’s. At around $30 you’ll get a durable, dependable pair of leggings with the extra bonus of helping Mother Earth out!

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Rain Slicker

Rain slickers are one of my favorite parts about streetwear. Not only is one of the most practical pieces of clothing you can have, but they also exist in every style and color imaginable. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one! Go for something that really accents your personality so the coat (while still extremely useful) it can also become a great accent piece.

Check out the fabulous Jessica Chastain rocking a clear raincoat. 


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Another crucial piece of athletic wear is a pair of sneakers. Take a look at your lifestyle before choosing a pair. Are you active? Do you spend a lot of time outside? Are you looking for a fashion statement? This will help narrow down your search. After all- a pair of Nikes might work for a runner but an outdoorswoman might want something water-proof. As for me, I’m partial to hightops, but I have my fair of well-worn pair of trainers lying around.

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We’d love to see you rocking out your athleticwear! Share your favorite athleisure-wear inspired look with us on Instagram @yourbestfashionfinds. We can’t wait to hear from you.


A Guide to the Edgy or Avant-garde Fashion Styles

Avent-garde, or edgy style, is what you expect to see on the runways of a New York fashion show or at a Lady Gaga concert: High-impact, wildly creative outfits that throw conventional rules to the wind. As these glamorous, but highly impractical fashions are being strolled down the runway or rocked on stage, you’re probably sighing and wishing you had an excuse to wear these lavish and exciting piecing- after all, you probably don’t want to wear sculptures to the grocery store, even if it is made out of fabric.

The beauty of avant-garde, however, is its ability to nurture creativity. Given free reign, artists are able to innovate and cultivate new ideas that trickle down into society in less extreme ways. In fact, the avant-garde movement can be seen all around you, in art and culture, as its’ free-thinking creatives have influenced major changes throughout the years.

What is the Avant-Garde or Edgy Style?

Despite all of this talk about Lady Gaga, creativity, and innovation, you may still be wondering, “What exactly is avant-garde?”. Don’t worry; I have you covered.

Think Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway. What they have in common lays at the heart of avant-garde style, and it’s more obtainable than you might think. They are associated with this style because of their ability to infuse their intelligence with creativity to develop a whole new way of thinking.

First used in the 1850s, Avant-garde is described as “an intellectual, artistic and cultural movement characterized by the experimental, the radical and the unorthodox approaches”. Derived from a similar French word, avant-garde means “vanguard” or “advanced guard” and is used to describe the people who choose to go beyond the boundaries of conventions.

How to Rock this Look

Remember how I mentioned all those amazing artists? We can all take a page out of their book in regards to our own style: While you might never wear an entire avant-garde ensemble, you can and should utilize your own creativity and intelligence to create avant-garde inspired looks you’ll want to wear every day.

There is no right or wrong way to be inspired, but these tips will help you fine tune your own avant-garde style: 



Use Your Mood as the Blue Print– Figure out what message you want your edgy outfits to send about your personality. This will make shopping easier because you will already have an idea about your preferences. Though you are aiming for avant-garde style, your selections will be specifically tailored to your own likes and dislikes.

Learn From Avant-Garde Fashion Icons– Michèle Lamy, Roisin Murphy, Björk, and David Bowie are great examples to look at. Take special note at the aspects of their outfits that you’ll be able to recreate in your own wardrobe. Find inspiration in colors, shapes, textures, and accessories for an easier transition.

Dress in Monochromatic Tones– Color isn’t for everyone. Rest assured that these white, black, and gray tones are great vehicles for inspiration; giving you more liberty to experiment with a greater variety of textures and cuts. These tones also enable you to highlight the details and composition of your avant-garde outfit.

Do not feel pressured to stick to just monochromatic tones. Remember avant-garde is about you! Feel free to add bold colors, complementary color schemes (like orange and blue), metallics, and patterns! For example, a monochromatic-toned shirt with asymmetric detailing mixed would look superb with a leather jacket.

Do a Lot of Layering– This is will be your best friend in the creation of your avant-garde outfit and during the wintertime. Start with a simple, figure-forming piece of clothing and then build on with a variety of textures and contrasting combinations. While I hesitate to curb anyone’s enthusiasm and experimentation, I caution you to avoid overly contrasting laying- like layering cardigans- to avoid cheesiness in your look. 

Select Clothes with Texture and Volume– Experiment with various weaves and materials to create texture. For volume, try cuts with geometric structure, asymmetric hemlines, ruffles, or pleats. This voluminous coat is a great example of function combined with edgy styling. Guess what? You don’t even have to follow the rule of combining voluminous pieces of clothing with fitted pieces of clothing.

Pick Avant-Garde Accessories– Accessories add spice to your outfit. This is especially true when trying to create an avant-garde outfit. You can try a black multi-functional bag, voluminous necklace, and dark shoes (the shoes are a big deal). You can also add just one eccentric piece with a simple outfit.

The beauty of avant-garde is that it expresses who you truly are. It allows you to utilize your creativity when accumulating your wardrobe collection. Don’t feel like you need to drain your bank account dry or max out all of your credit cards to achieve it, either. Odds are, just by rethinking and adding to pieces you already have, you’ll be able to create avant-garde looks that are as unique as you are.

Your Horoscope – Your Style

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If you’re looking for a fantastic way to update your style, take some inspiration from your horoscope! Go straight to your sign or read all 12 if you’re curious.

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Fast Facts: March 21- April 19, Symbol: Ram, Element: Fire, Ruling Planet: Mars (War)

Aries brings the force of spring with them with the ability to banish winter with her strength and willpower – metaphorically speaking that is. Instead of banishing snow, an Aries banishes her foes and conquers her biggest challenges. She is full of vitality and energy, with fire and Mars ruling her way. To quote AstroStyle,

With all of their firepower and can-do attitude, there’s nothing an Aries can’t (and won’t) take on”

And a boss lady like this certainly needs an outfit as spectacular as she is. She doesn’t want to blend into the crowd and we know that! Mars is your ruling planet, so try some firey reds and oranges. These tones stand out in a crowd, putting you right where you want to be: in the center of attention. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate these firey colors, go for accessories- consider a brick-red handbag,  pair of burnt auburn heels, or a splash of fire engine red lipstick.

Don’t be afraid to take some fashion risks while exploring your style. After all, Aries are not afraid to lead. Try this amazing rose collar red dress– You’re sure to stand out with the impeccable ruffle detail and your friends will be jealous of its pockets.

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Fast Facts: April 20- May 20, Symbol: Bull, Element: Earth, Ruling Planet: Venus (Love)

A Taurus’s temperament is similar to their symbol- bull-like. We don’t mean that in a bad way either! You just happen to have a huge temper, but only if pushed past your limits. Your elemental sign is Earth, so you probably have the amazing ability to stay in a zen state and go with the flow (making it difficult to arise that bull-like state in you). People who are lucky enough to get close to a Taurus have found a dependable friend for life but may wonder why a Taurus doesn’t usually call first. Don’t take it personally- a Taurus isn’t much of a planner but they are almost always game to hang out.

“I’m really happy to be me, and I’d like to think people like me more because I’m happy with myself and not because I refuse to conform to anything” (BrainyQuotes) Adele

For your next outfit, draw inspiration from nature and enhance your tranquil state. Forest greens, dark blues, and browns will help you get into your groove. Accessorize with a trendy Moss terrarium necklace. Imagine carrying a live plant around with you. It really can’t get any more zen than that.


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Fast Facts: May 21-June 20, Symbol: The Twins, Element: Air, Ruling Planet: Mercury (Communication)

The Gemini thrives in social settings, need snappy dialogue, and have a tendency to shift moods rapidly. Some may call them two-faced, but it seems more likely that they are just ruled by intense emotion and prefer wit over pleasantries. However, with a Mercury ruling, these signs have the ability to have a polite conversation with just about anyone, but only if they want to. Regardless, having a Gemini around is always great for a burst of energy and inspiration because they are always looking for something new to do.

“I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day” (BrainyQuote) – Natalie Portman

If you’re a Gemini, try an eccentric garment that will work as a conversation starter and point of interest for your look. We suggest this emerald sequin dress with illusion sleeves and a two-toned pattern. This unique look blends soft and hard with sophisticated and sexy, making it the perfect dress for a Gemini.

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Fast Facts: June 21- Jully 22, Symbol: The Crab, Element: Water, Ruling Planet: Moon (emotions/mood)

Just because your symbol is the crab, doesn’t mean that you’re crabby. Think of it this way- just as crabs carry their armored home on their back, you feel happiest in your secure and comfortable home surrounded by people you’re comfortable with. With the moon ruling your zodiac sign, you may feel that you’re emotions come and go with the force of tidal waves and some people may not understand it. That’s why, when a Cancer finds a friend that they can trust to open up to they will hold onto them with all their might and take care of them when needed.

If you’re a Cancer, you’re probably looking for something that is comfortable and cute. That’s where these high-waist shimmer pants come into play. Sparkling bits stand out against this pants deep blue color and if you’re worried they’ll be uncomfortable, think again. These pants are stretchy, making them perfect for a Cancer on the run.

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Fast Facts: July23-August 22, Symbol: The Lion, Element: Fire, Ruling Planet: The Sun

If you’re a Leo, then you shine as bright as your ruling planet and burn as hot as your element. You can’t help being naturally charismatic and it’s that sort of energy that draws people to you. Leo’s are happiest when they are flaunting their skills and are never afraid to be in the spotlight. You also enjoy going out and experiencing the arts or creating it yourself.

“There are no introverted Leos. There are only Leos who pretend to be introverted (Astrology Bay)” – Linda Goodman

We know that you’re not afraid to stand out, but we also understand that Leo’s are happiest when following the beat of their own drum so seek out clothing that speaks to you. If it happens to be a white tee shirt and jeans or a romantic evening gown, perfect! Own it. If you’re going out to enjoy the theatre or visiting a gallery, we suggest the Show Stopper Black dress. It may be simplistic in color but,  with innovative construction, this little black dress will stop whatever show you go to see.

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[woocommerce_lookbook id=”19728″]

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Virgo” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”last”]


Fast Facts: August 23- September 22, Symbol: The Virgin, Element: Earth,  Ruling Planet: Mercury (communication)

If you’re a Virgo, you’re probably up on all the latest trends (or you’d like to be). You are extremely detail oriented and seek control over all aspects of your life, and that definitely applies to your sense of style. None of your friends are surprised to see you rocking impeccable makeup and innovative styles. This attention to detail extends to a Virgo’s relationships too, making you a dedicated and wonderful friend. You almost never forget a birthday.

According to the AstroTwin’s at AstroStyle, “The essence of Virgo energy is dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking, health-conscious, analytical, clever, witty, and practical”.

If you haven’t heard, one of this season’s biggest trends is animal print and we can’t get enough of it. Is it a little over the top? Yes! But is it also fabulous? Totally!  If you’re feeling as bold as this print is, try out this leopard print dress! Soft, stretchy, and striking. We know you’ll love.

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Libra” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”]


Fast Facts: September 23- October 22, Symbol: The Scales of Justice, Element: Air, Ruling Planet: Venus (Love)

True to their symbol, typical Libras are most focused on finding balance in every aspect of their lives. If you are one, you’ve probably noticed how you strive for harmony in your work and home life and you’re only happy if this is achieved. This desire to find balance in your personal life usually extends into social justice and can cause some serious strife if not addressed. Libras can’t stand intolerance or unfairness so they often work tirelessly to better the lives of others.

“I am a Libra, so I have to balance things” (Wiseoldsayings.com) Mark Viduka

Where style is concerned, stick to fairly basic pieces and add flair and color through accessories. This will appeal to your Libra sensibilities while allowing self-expression. These gorgeous Italian-leather stilettos can (and should) become your next statement piece; classic but impactful, you’ll be pairing them with everything from cocktails to jeans.

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[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Scorpio” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/3″ el_position=”first”]

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”19731″]

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Scorpio” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”last”]


Fast Facts: October 23- November 21, Symbol: The Scorpion, Element: Water, Ruling Planet: Pluto (Power)

Scorpio should be considered synonymous with intense. This sign feels emotions to the tenth degree but doesn’t always express them accordingly. Scorpios may come off cold or harsh because they only open up to their closest peers and feel no need for small talk. Those who experience the true depth of a Scorpio will be amazed by their commitment to friendship and by their extreme creativity.

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” – (Scorpioquotes.com) Georgia O’Keeffe

Don’t be afraid to share your intensity with the world through your style. You’re probably attracted to black, but try to go outside your comfort zone with deep, rich colors. Try dark blues, greens, or even yellow. They provide a similar feel to black but add a bit more dimension to your outfit. For example, this blue satin jumpsuit is mysterious and you’ll love how the fabric draws the light to it and shimmers

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Fast Facts: November 22- December 21, Symbol: The Archer or Centar, Element: Fire, Ruling Planet: Jupiter (luck and expansion)

If you are a Sagittarius, then you probably have a burning desire to push the boundaries. This could be through traveling, inventing, through conversation, our your outfit. You are not satisfied with normalcy, tradition, or routine and are constantly trying to find ways to spice up your life. You’re friends probably consider you the ringleader because of your ideas and charisma. You’re a great good-luck charm and people love to hear you talk.

“Sagittarius are aliens disguised as humans” Ramana Pemmaraju (wiseoldsayings.com)

Break out of the mold by incorporating loud patterns, bold colors, and dynamic shapes into your clothes. The most important rule for you? Pick out what makes you smile. After all, you’re a trendsetter, not a trend follower. We suggest this multicolored, Aztec patterned dress. It has just the right amount of bold coloring and you’ll love the comfortable knit top.

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[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Capricorn” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”]


Fast Facts: December 22- January 19, Symbol: The Goat, Element: Earth, Ruling Planet: Saturn (maturity)

If you are a Capricorn than you’re probably daring and strive to achieve even your most outlandish goals. Similar to a bold mountain goat teetering on the slimmest edges at the top of a mountain, you’re not afraid to take leaps and bounds. With Saturn being your ruling planet these leaps are always more calculated than others may assume- after all, the mountain goat rarely falls. You usually get what you want, but that’s because you’re willing to juggle a million things and work tirelessly.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” (BrainyQuote) Muhammed Ali

Since you’re busy kicking butt and taking names, consider a jumpsuit. It’s a super versatile look that’s easy to slip on and go with. Add a jacket or cardigan for colder days and invest in long and short sleeves/pants for multiple options. We love this orange jumpsuit! Who needs a bunch of different garments when this pattern is so strong and gorgeous?

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Capricorn” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/3″ el_position=”last”]

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[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Aquarius” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”]


Fast Facts: January 20- February 18, Symbol: The Water Bearer, Element: Air, Ruling Planet: Uranus (originality)

With a water sign and a ruling planet that embodies originality, you probably find yourself attracted to anything new and exciting. This means you are up on the latest technology, fashion, and world politics. You love to learn and enjoy debating, but not fighting. Your banter is always in good fun as you’re aware of what your friends and family are comfortable with. That being said, if a stranger tries to pick a fight or insults one of your ladies, you’ll respond quickly and ferociously.

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself” (BrainyQuote) Oprah Winfrey

Since you’re all about innovation, get inspired by avant-garde looks. They are over the top, out of this world looks that break traditional barriers. Look for what can be replicated in real life- whether that be color, pattern, texture, or volume and try to add those elements to your look. Try this tartan plaid dress with some burnt orange leggings to create dimension and originality!

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/3″ el_position=”last”]

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[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Pisces” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/3″ el_position=”first”]

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[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Pisces” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”last”]


Fast Facts: February 19- March 20, Symbol: The Fish, Element: Water. Ruling Planet: Neptune (Fantasy)

You are as deep and mysterious as an enchanted lake. As a Pisces, you are ruled by emotions and tend to follow them rather than logic. Still, you are intuitive and possess a strong gut feeling so being ruled by emotions works well for a Pisces. Take note of your dreams- water signs are often Other times, you may feel like you’re pulled in a million directions and float from one activity or friend to another. That is the spirit of a Pisces and your true friends will love you for it.

I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times…” (BrainyQuote) Drew Barrymore

Since you love to follow your flow, we suggest items that are fluid in nature. Get inspired by boho-chic items like flowy dresses and skirts and look for rich colors to accentuate your look with. Since your sign is a fish, don’t be surprised if you’re attracted to deep blues, whites, and corals. Try this organza trapeze dress! The color may take you a little out of your comfort zone, but we know you’ll how airy and fun it is.

[/spb_boxed_content] [spb_boxed_content element_name=”Conclusion” type=”coloured” box_link_target=”_self” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration or some fashion advice, we can totally help! Send us an email at [email protected] or speak with one of our personal stylists.

A big shout out to AstroStyle for providing all this amazing information on their website. If you’re looking for more information about your horoscope, click the title and go directly to their website. It happens to be my favorite for anything horoscope related and soon it will be yours too! They provide in-depth explanations of your sign, your traits, and even your love life. They even update your signs’ horoscope weekly, so make sure you visit often!


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[/spb_boxed_content] [/spb_row]

Do You Put Away Your Summer Pieces for Fall?

Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean you have to put all your cute summer outfits into storage. In fact, you may find that incorporating your summer style into fall and winter outfits is an amazing way to add originality and flair to your looks. With this in mind, I’ve compiled some great tips that will keep your summer clothes practical in the upcoming seasons. Feel free to mix and match the various tips to create an outfit that is wholly you.

1. Keep Your Summer Dresses Out By Adding Leggings or Tights

Even with temperatures dropping, I refuse to put my favorite dresses, skirts, and flowey tops away. I simply invite a pair of leggings or tights to the party. The right pair of leggings or tights will keep your summer clothes practical for months past the season. It doesn’t hurt that you also have unlimited choices for colors, patterns, and cuts: The variety of style means you will absolutely find a pair that fits your personal style.

I, for one, cannot stop raving about leggings with pockets in them and for nights that are extra chilly, I recommend adding The North Face Women’s Warm Tights. At only $50 a pair, these high-quality tights are breathable and offer protection against the elements.  

2. Add a Stylish Shrug

The shrug should be considered the cardigans’ cousin- The shape and fabric are generally similar in both garments, however, a shrug is looser than a cardigan but more fitted than a shawl (“Shrug: Clothing”, 2018.). I find that this item of clothing is highly versatile and can be worn with your favorite summer shirts and dresses. It will also pair perfectly with leggings and adds a layer of comfort and intrigue if worn over top of a dress.

This stylish Aztec Patterned Shrug is one of my favorites this season and would look divine over top a neutrally colored, short sleeve dress. Add a pair of booties and you are ready to go.


3. Who Says You Can’t Wear Socks with Open Toed Heels?

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If you’re scratching your head and wondering how those two items work together- you’re not alone! Nicole Akhtarzad of Who What Wore, highlights how surprised the fashion community was at this trend is in her piece “The Polarizing Shoe Trend That Dominated Fashion Month”. Surprising is good though so I embrace this unique trend whole-heatedly! Plus, I hate to put my summer heels away.

The key here is investing in a pair of quality socks that will hold its form throughout the day. You definitely don’t want to try this look with a pair of old, stretched out socks. That said, you do want to go sock shopping. Pay attention to what socks interest you: This will help determine how to style your entire outfit.

Say you find a lovely monotone or quarter length socks- you could pair them with a dark-colored, chunky high heel with thick straps to send out nineties vibes. Maybe you’re attracted to bright, patterned socks- Embrace it with an equally bright complementary color! My favorite combination is sheer, lacy socks with a vintage or retro-inspired open toed heel. 

4. Invest in High Waist Pant

High waist pants are a girl’s best friend in the fall- They provide a very complimentary shape with your top tucked into it and easily transitions between day and night. This is why you don’t want to put away all your favorite tank tops and short sleeved shirts. Tucked into a high waist pant, your summer shirts will really pop. This combination will also help you maintain your shape when it’s time to add jackets to your look.

If you don’t have the room to keep all your summer shirts out, choose ones with colors that can be accented with the more traditional fall ones. For example- deep greens, dark blues, and purples look superb with dark oranges, browns, and yellows. Choosing your high waist pant in one of these colors to help ease the transition of summer to fall. How amazing would this striped, satin pant look with a lacy, cream top tucked in?   

Now go out there and create your own outfit that blends summer with fall. We’d love to see what unique combinations you come up with (who knows, it might just be the new fall trend), so visit us one Instagram @yourbestfashionfinds and inspire us.


A Guide to the Bohemian Fashion Styles

The Bohemian Fashion

When it comes to fab style, bohemian fashion is gorgeous on every silhouette at every decade in a woman’s lifetime. Just a single piece can transform an outfit and boost your style vibe instantly. You don’t have to break the bank trying to go boho-chic because your options are plentiful in a wide range of prices.

Best of all, bohemian flair is unique on every woman, depending on what you pair these eclectic garments and accessories with. If you’re still not exactly sure what the bohemian fashion revolution is all about, read on. Once you get the hang of it, you will become boho-obsessed.

Celebrities Are Experts Defining Boho

Take a moment, and think about Kate Moss, Zoe Kravitz and her mom Lisa Bonet, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie. These super stylish ladies are bohemian masters. Sure, they like and respect the trends of fashion each season, but they also shape their image through amazing garments that no one else seems to wear. Some of these pieces are vintage, and many of them are not. There are those who label boho a hippie thing, but however you see it, bohemian style is comfy, earthy and an attitude most of all.

Model Kate Moss showed off her boho goddess vibe during her wedding rehearsal dinner in 2011. She was marrying Jamie Hince and stole the show in a stunning, flowing medieval blue tonal dress with matching high-heeled blue boots.

Zoe Kravitz is a great example of the apple falling not far from the tree. In other words, the glam star has adopted her mom Lisa Bonet’s iconic bohemian style from years ago. Together, the pair is always rockin’ the look and never becoming victims of fashion. They set their own course through pieces that feature cool patterns and colors, exotic jewelry, etc.

Bohemian Begins With The Ideal Fabric

Bohemian garments often include materials that drape beautifully and flow and have a superb texture like suede. The fabrics are known for exuding a global feel and cultural flavor and are popular in patterns that often display paisley, floral, tribal, lace, tie-dye, etc.

These lovely fabrics lead to effortless layering with scarves, sweaters, hats and more. You don’t have to dress bohemian from head to toe, but the right piece will blend perfectly with your other garments. In addition, boho-chic is never matchy-matchy, so you don’t have to stress out trying to follow stuffy and traditional fashion rules.

Adorn Yourself – It’s So Boho-Chic

Bohemian style includes lots of key details in the way of beading, feathers, fringe, lots of silver and gold in bangles, necklaces, chandelier earrings, and rings. A coin-embellished belt is very boho or a pair of gladiator sandals or a fur vest.

A silky kimono with embroidery is an example of a glam and sexy garment and boots of just about every kind also make the bohemian grade. If there are pom poms, sequins, lacing and other cool accents, then you’re definitely on the right track. Bohemian fashion doesn’t follow all the rules, and yet, it remains timeless, stylish and allows every woman to feel like a free spirit.


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A Guide to the Whimsical Fashion Styles

Exploring the Whimsical Fashion

Does your personal style mirror current style icons such as Solange, Katy Perry, Mary-Kate Olsen, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lana Del Ray, or Zooey Deschanel? If so, you may fit perfectly into the unconventional and creative “Whimsical” fashion category.
Whimsical fashionistas have a natural ability for mixing and matching patterns, textures, and colors with ease. While many refer to this faction as indie or hipster fashion, that categorization misses the point as that classification is only one facet of this eclectic fashion personality. After all, they are known for all kinds of fashion-related drama! Here is a guide to creating your own Whimsical style:

1. Go for Bold Colors and Patterns

Known for creating strong fashion statements wherever she lands, the Whimsical Diva will often combine several unique styles into one contrasting outfit. She does this with style by utilizing eye-catching color combinations such as hot pink, electric blue, and neon yellow, and quirky, playful prints like paisleys, florals, leopard skins, and polka dots. These combinations are sometimes quite unorthodox, but these Whimsical ladies make it work with surprising results. They also usually favor bright greens, oranges, and blues, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a sensible neutral tone unless it was to pay homage to vintage fashion.

2. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Playful and unique accessories are a must for any self-respecting Whimsical Diva. Printed shoes and oversized handbags are standard issues, and the crazier the print, the better. Not to mention, a statement-making coat set to get tongues wagging is a must! Heels in colorful and flirty colors and romantic floral patterns are another go-to for lining a Whimsical’s closet. Also try for shoes, coats, and purses in cool fabrics with interesting textures for a new spin on this trend.

Larger pieces of jewelry in bold colors and long, dangling or hoop earrings are a staple. Any accessories that draw from the drawing heavily from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s will give your outfit some flare. Go for kitschy, bohemian, or mod-inspired items like hats, vintage graphic tees, or even fingerless gloves!

3. Some Quick Style Pointers

– More petite women should cut back on a bit of the detail and layers. Now while there is nothing wrong with a maximum punch of flair, an overabundance can make you appear even smaller, as too many details can actually swallow you completely. The solution, though, is simple. You can either add a cute pair of stilettos or balance out your flair with a few pieces rooted in traditional earth tones.

– Remember that fashion is all about self-expression and your choice of clothing is all about defining who you are on the inside. Just remember that the Whimsical style is all about your own comfort level. If you do not feel comfortable in these types of clothes and representing such a style in your everyday life, then the real you will drown in your fashion choices. Remember to assess your personal style wisely.

– Where would you look for Whimsical-style clothing? Pretty much anywhere, because it is not so much about collections as much as it is about particular pieces and how you would pair them up. For true vintage apparel, it is best to frequent thrift shops in your area, and for new clothes inspired by past eras, try hipster mainstays like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Also, check out stores like Nordstrom for the collections of eclectic designers like Betsey Johnson.

4. Your Best Accessory – A Confident Attitude

A clashing outfit can be overshadowed by the confidence of the person wearing it, and this speaks volumes about the Whimsical Fashionista. She loves the spotlight and having all eyes focused on her, unlike most others that are mortified at the thought of standing out in a crowd. The independent-thinking, laid-back Whimsical is never afraid to take risks. After all, even a fashion faux-pas will keep her name on everyone’s lips.

In conclusion, a Whimsical Diva never cares what anyone thinks of her because inside of her shines an inner core of confidence. She is fresh, different, and doesn’t worry about sharing her true self with the world. If this sounds like you, then you are probably a member of this creative, individualistic, and unconventional group!